Buy and Sell Investment Real Estate

Single Family Homes

Simcoe County, Ontario

Key Focuses

About VeeKay

1) Investing-Focused

Investor first. Realtor second. This means you're not dealing with someone looking to make a quick commission. Buying a quality property for the long run is key. Even if you're not an investor, you will get additional perspective.

2) Stay in the Loop

Stay informed and updated the whole way through. We go through each step together to ensure it fits your goals.

3) Team Connections

Easily access a team of real estate professionals with years of experience in real estate investment and management

4) Joint Ventures

No time? Let's discuss JV PARTNERSHIPS, to grow all parties' wealth in the long run. The goal isn't to make a quick buck here!

No Rush, No Pressure

The goal is to help you best build your portfolio and maintain a long-term relationship. Our long-term goals are likely the same as yours: build a portfolio for financial freedom and stability.

Team to Help Throughout Our Relationship

Our team includes a paralegal specializing in tenant-landlord relations, and certified home inspector.
  • Create a plan, run numbers
  • Find the investment(s) or home
  • Do analysis and due diligence
  • Under contract
  • Repeat
  • Determine value
  • Present to our buyer network
  • List off-market (optional) = less commission
  • List on MLS for with unique marketing
  • Next step: better property
  • Key stats for investors
  • Updated regularly
  • News updates
  • MLS deals with analysis

“Don't wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait.” - Will Rogers

Example of a Sold VeeKay Home Listing

* Identifying info such as addresses, cities, etc have been blurred out for buyer privacy

For Sale and Coming Soon

*Note: this only shows MLS-listed properties, not off-market properties.
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