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Landlords: Avoid Water-Damaged Flooring!

by Vlad Kapitantchouk (VeeKay)
Quick little tip for landlords, so you don’t have to replace laminate flooring after just a few winters or rainy seasons. Use vinyl flooring in foyers, kitchens, etc – it looks nice, is cheap, durable, and often waterproof! Finish it off with some trim around that part to section it off. See the video for the before and after.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the Real Estate Market in Barrie and Simcoe County

by Vlad Kapitantchouk (VeeKay)
While our top priority during this coronavirus epidemic is the well-being of our family and friends, many of us can’t help but wonder – what’s going to happen to the real estate market in Canada?   Keep in Mind Obviously none of us have a crystal ball at the beginning stages of this situation, so the best we can do is watch how the various factors that influence the real estate market will change. Real estate is not as liquid as other things such as stocks or what seems to be becoming the newest form of currency in North America […]

Selling a Home With a Tenant Living There in Barrie and Simcoe County?

by Vlad Kapitantchouk (VeeKay)
NOTE: We are not qualified mortgage lenders or providing any legal advice in any of our articles (including this one) – this is purely based on our experiences in Ontario. Does the Tenant Increase Value? Short answer: it depends. If you got maximum rent possible in your market, the tenants are great/cooperative and always paying on time, it might even make sense to leave them in (if, say, your home is a duplex, and the potential buyer can move into the other unit). Evict the Tenant! This is common first course of action. First off, an important note that many […]

Should I Buy a Condo as an Investment?

by Vlad Kapitantchouk (VeeKay)
Should you get a condo as an investment? Ultimately, it depends on your strategy… for some investors, it works. However, we’re generally talking about the typical investor that is looking to get into a long-term buy and hold. Newer investors often buy into condos as it is an easier entry point. However, there are a few downsides compared to a freehold building: 1) EXPENSES Condo fees eat away at your cashflow, and the fees only increase going forward. One of our investors has a condo that she has bought a few decades ago and recently paid off, but since it’s […]