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Avoid Bad Tenants With THESE Important Tips

by Vlad Kapitantchouk (VeeKay)
How do you minimize the likelihood of a bad tenant? With proper screening! Let's walk through the important steps and tricks in this article.

Landlord’s Nightmare Story – Rent-Free Tenant in Ontario, Canada

by Vlad Kapitantchouk (VeeKay)
See how a fellow landlord's tenant was living at his home almost rent-free for over a year in the Toronto area of Ontario, Canada - LEGALLY!

Selling a Home With a Tenant Living There in Barrie and Simcoe County?

by Vlad Kapitantchouk (VeeKay)
NOTE: We are not qualified mortgage lenders or providing any legal advice in any of our articles (including this one) – this is purely based on our experiences in Ontario. Does the Tenant Increase Value? Short answer: it depends. If you got maximum rent possible in your market, the tenants are great/cooperative and always paying on time, it might even make sense to leave them in (if, say, your home is a duplex, and the potential buyer can move into the other unit). Evict the Tenant! This is common first course of action. First off, an important note that many […]