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Avoid Bad Tenants With THESE Important Tips

by Vlad Kapitantchouk (VeeKay)
How do you minimize the likelihood of a bad tenant? With proper screening! Let's walk through the important steps and tricks in this article.

Landlord’s Nightmare Story – Rent-Free Tenant in Ontario, Canada

by Vlad Kapitantchouk (VeeKay)
See how a fellow landlord's tenant was living at his home almost rent-free for over a year in the Toronto area of Ontario, Canada - LEGALLY!

When Will The Toronto/Barrie Real Estate Bubble Pop? September 2020

by Vlad Kapitantchouk (VeeKay)
People are panicking about what might be happening with the economy, and may be making irrational decisions, causing the real estate bubble to get bigger. Just when will it burst, if ever?